*** WE'VE MOVED *** Our new address is 7 Pasco Drive, East Windsor, Unit D in East Windsor, Ct. We will re-open February 1, 2021

V.I.S Membership

DISCLAIMER:     The V.I.S. Program is a monthly membership.  Your card will be secured and automatically debited on the 5th of each month.  You can cancel at any time.  Once your account is debited, there are no refunds.  If your membership is cancelled after the 1st of the month, you will receive the monthly perks, until the ending of the month.  This membership is solely for the use of the specified client at purchase.  If your method of payment has any fraud or abuse related issues, we reserve the right to prohibit you from taking advantage of the membership program.  You are unable to roll over monthly perks.  Each monthly perk is for the enjoyment of the member

FREE KANEKALON HAIR PERK:      Each month, you will receive free synthetic braiding hair if you choose to get a braided style. The hair will be available to you at the time of your service. If you’re in need of color, please specify that at the time of booking.  When signing up for the program, your hair color will be noted and kept on hand at all times.  Color will need to be purchased (by The Hair Musician) 48 hours in advance.   The hair must be synthetic and made of kanekalon fiber.  Human hair is not included in this deal.

FREE LOC STYLE PERK:     Each month, you will receive 1 style of your choice.  You don’t have have to get a re-twist, nor are you limited to a basic style.  Styles can range from $15-$40.  Up-do’s, basket weaves, braids, curls, twists… you choose!

FREE VIP ACCESS:     “The Hair Musician” offers V.I.P appointments.  These appointments service clients from 5am, ending at 8am Tuesday’s – Friday’s.  V.I.P appointments must start at 5am. During your allotted time, you will be the only client.  You’ll never have to share your appointment time w/ anyone else during your personal V.I.P appointment.  This appointment is geared towards servicing clients who need privacy & expedited in/out service. During this appointment you’ll receive: *A cucumber facial during your shampoo service w/ REAL cucumbers.  *A scalp massage during your conditioning service.  *A chair back massage during your shampoo / conditioning service.  *Bottomless mimosas.  *A choice of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits which are delicious, healthy, & boost your energy.  You may choose from hard or chewy. There are multiple different flavors to choose from.

FREE TREATMENT:     Each month, you’re offered free treatments of your choice (excluding ‘The Sunflower System’).  Treatments must be mentioned prior to the time of service, at booking, and done in the salon.  Please notate which treatment you’ll be receiving when booking online.

SUNFLOWER SYSTEM DISCOUNT:   The Sunflower System is a 12-week system that uses heat-activated amino acids to temporarily stretch the disulfide bonds inside of the hair shaft. It is designed to promote hair growth, by re-building the broken bonds, aiding to breakage, & repairing damaged cuticles within the cortex of the hair strand. It takes about 90 minutes to apply, which I would suggest allotting a 3 hour time span out of your day. Clients who receive the treatment have increased smoothness, shine, and manageability, as well as stronger hair from the inside, out. The system lasts 12 weeks. The cost is $160+. While being a VIS Member, you’ll receive $20 off of this popular system.

SUNFLOWER BUCKS:      “Sunflower Bucks” are in-house bucks that can be used towards classes or Hair Musiq apparel.  Sunflower Bucks can only be redeemed in the salon.  They will be available to you every month on the 5th.  You can pick them up w/ or w/o an appointment.

CUSTOM B-DAY CARDS:       You will receive a custom card for your birthday.  If your b-day falls on a month that you’re not enrolled in the program, you unfortunately will not receive your card.

CHRISTMAS RAFFLE:       Our annual Christmas raffle will be a week before the 25th of December.  The raffle will include a basket of hair products, apparel, and surprises.

PARAFFIN DIP:       You will receive a paraffin dip for the choice of your hands or elbows, once a month.  If you choose not to come in for a month of your membership, you will miss out on your dip.  You are unable to roll over perks.

HAND MASSAGES:     You will receive one free five minute hand massage a month. This massage service will come after your soothing paraffin dip.

SCALP MASSAGES:     You will receive one free five minute scalp massage a month.  This massage service can be a walk in service or an addition to any other service.

HAIR MUSIQ APPAREL ITEMS:     Hair Musiq will be retailing bags, hats, and shirts.  You will receive $5 off of any item that you choose.

BUNDLE BAGS:     You will receive $5 off of all bundle bags.  Bundle bags are bags that have everything that would be needed for a specific styling service.  There’re bundle bags for braids, Locs, silk presses, weaves, color services and chemically processed clients.  Each bundle bag comes w/ a canvas bag.