*** WE'VE MOVED *** Our new address is 7 Pasco Drive, East Windsor, Unit D in East Windsor, Ct. We will re-open February 1, 2021

1 on 1 Class

This class is for all ages

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Here’s what you’ll learn in each class

Braiding: bohemian braids, box braids, butterfly braids, children’s braids, cornrows, dutch braids, feed-in braids, fulani braids, halo braids, lemonade braids, knotless braids, man bun braids, stitch braiding, and tribal braids. 
Locs: Interloc Re-tightening, loc detoxing, root re-twists, loc repairs, loc trimming, micro locs, and 5 methods of starter locs
Natural Hair Care / Styling: Comb coils, flat twists, nubian twists, rod sets, detangling, wash day tips & tricks, twist outs, braid outs, wash & go’s
Loc Extensions: bohemian locs, butterfly locs, infinity locs, faux locs, goddess locs, mermaid locs, loc re-attachments, loc extensions, soft locs, & yarn locs.
Crochet Installs: individual crochet, knotless crochet, braid down patterns, ponytail crochet, vixen crochet, crochet shaping 
Silk Pressing: pre prep, treating, trimming, techniques, flat iron knowledge & techniques, blow dry knowledge & techniques, how to prevent breakage, Doobie wrapping, and silk wrapping.
Twist Styles: Nubian twists, senegelese twists, Elongated nubian twists, Havana twists, Passion Twists, Spring twists, and twist outs

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