*** WE'VE MOVED *** Our new address is 7 Pasco Drive, East Windsor, Unit D in East Windsor, Ct. We will re-open February 1, 2021

About Us


To a Refreshing, Updated Salon Spa Experience

Hair Musiq Salon & Spa specializes in hair & skin care.  Aside from skill & technique, we pride ourselves in top tier customer service & cleanliness. Booking a personalized session at our Salon is the first step to catering to your mental health. We celebrate self care and are honored to provide a retreat space to pamper the mind, body and soul. Hair Musiq Salon & Spa is your One-Stop-Shop for a unique salon spa experience, providing peace in a calming atmosphere. It’s time to reset!


Is unlike any salon spa.  We are leading the future of salons by…

Private Session Options
+ personal, calm environment, VIP treatment
Hourly Rates
+ genderless, transparant pricing
Less Chemicals
+ ammonia free, PPD free hair colour
Early Hours
+ our doors open at 5am
Innovative & Up-to-Date
+ chi color master, massaging shampoo chairs, robotic cleaning tools
Motivational Saving Techniques
+ money-saving membership options, rewards for consistency