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50% off all facials, manicures, pedicures and Make-up May 7 ONLY!! 9am - 5pm

We now offer 7 different kinds of make-up services. Click the name of the service, to book:

Click the name of the service to book

Natural Look $50

Just a step above the ‘no makeup’ makeup look: This make-up application has no hard lines. In other words, beauty products are blended in very well and the look is achieved without the presence of contoured lines, heavy lip or eyeliner, or sharp, filled-in eyebrows.

Soft Glam $60

This application is where the face looks soft and glowy, but also natural. This means saying no to harsh contour lines, dark eye makeup and especially to bold lip colours. Instead, all the elements of the makeup should seamlessly merge together to create the ultimate muted soft glam look.

Full Glam $70

This look is perfect for any main attraction. With carved-out brows , graphic eyeliner, multicolored eye shadow, lots of glitter, and a blinding highlighter, you’re sure to be noticed.

Bridesmaid Make-up $75

One of the best ways not to outshine the bride is to opt for natural bridesmaid makeup. This is suitable for informal weddings. Natural makeup looks for bridesmaids are soft looks with medium foundation, and a light layer of mascara, brush, and eyeliner. For a dewy look, use a pearlescent liquid illuminator. The pricing structure for this service does vary, depending on the number of bridesmaids. Base price for each bridesmaid is $75. However, pricing decreases w/ 5 or more in a party. Schedule your consultation today by visiting us at www.hairmusiqsalonandspa.com

Behind the Camera$75

This application is what you’d choose for on location photo shoots. Base price is $75/hr. Pricing does increase w/ mileage. Receive a quote by visiting us at www.hairmusiqsalonandspa.com

1-on-1 Make-up Lesson $135

This one on one session gives you the real experience of seeing how to apply certain techniques from one of our professionals, without the annoyance of having to hit pause or skim back a couple seconds each time. Ask questions. Receive real answers. This is a two-hour session and can be done in person or via ZOOM

Bridal Make-up$150

This look is one you wear to your wedding. Generally, it is designed to last all day, photograph well, and look beautiful. Just like regular makeup, there are lots of styles you can choose from. These include natural, winter, summer, vintage, smoky, dramatic, red-lipped — the options are almost endless. A 30-min trial / consultation is included.

Plus receive a FREE set of strip lashes w/ every application.